Harmonic Vocal Unit


Hiliu’s Concept

The genre of Hawaiian music, often also called “Island Music” is identified as being played with steel guitars and ukuleles. There are many styles of Island Music that are recognized as hula songs.

Hiliu’s musical contribution compliments the traditional instruments used in ancient Hawaii with classical stringed and wind instruments. This allows Hiliu to re-visit the powerful expression of court music heard at ʻIolani Palace, when Hawaii was at its most prosperous peak.

The three‐part time and classical waltz melodies composed by Her Majesty Queen Lilʻiuokalani, The last Queen of the Hawaii Kingdom, was influenced by European music and completely overturned conventional Hawaiian music, while still reminding us of the roots of traditional Hawaiian music.

The music will transport you through time to one of the grand balls at the palace, with a backdrop of the beautiful, lush mountains and the gentle scent of tropical Hawaiian flowers while imagining graceful hula and the music played by the traditional instruments used in ancient Hawaii. Hiliu’s music will help you re-imagine the natural scenery of the beautiful good old Hawaiian Kingdom through their rich re-interpretation of Her Majesty’s music. Hiliu aims to blend together the traditional music of Hawaii with the contemporary style of New Hawaiian music, so presenting to you Hiliu’s view of the Hawaiian world.

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